Vodafone SIM Card Support

Let's get you setup!

Vodafone's Big Value Bundles

Data Text Minutes Roam Hotspot/Tethering Lasts
3GB Unlimited 250 Eu Zone Yes 30 Days
10GB Unlimited 1000 Eu Zone Yes 30 Days
20GB Unlimited 3000 Eu Zone Yes 30 Days

Handy Numbers

Use Number Example
Get Mobile Number Dial *#100# Make a phone call to *#100#
Check Balance Dial 2345 Make a phone call to 2345

Activate SIM Card

How to activate?

We will activate your SIM card on the given date specified through this website. If you purchase from Ebay we will activate before we dispatch. Ebay orders are dispatched normally within 2 working days.

APN Settings, make sure to check these!

Vodafone Pay As You Go requires APN settings. You may also be asked to select a "SIM Service" on Android phones, select Vodafone PAYG.

If you have issues connecting to Vodafone's network, 4G/LTE connections or hotspot tethering. It's best to check your APN settings. Always REBOOT when you apply these APN settings.

Go into your phones APN settings and make sure to change all the required settings to:


username: wap

password: wap


What is the Europe Roam Zone?

This includes Europe, UK, Iceland, Switzerland, Czechia (Czech Republic) and Turkey. Vodafone's Leaflet

Data, texts and minutes in the Europe Zone?

You can call/text between Roam-free destinations and make calls/texts to the UK and to the destination you’re in. Data will automatically work in the Eu zone destination. 3G/4G coverage will depend on the country you're in, Vodafone will NOT throttle your speeds!

Vodafone's Guide to setup your device?

You are on a Pay as You Go SIM card. This website will show you how to setup APN settings and more.